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5 Ways to Blacken Gray Hair Naturally Without Side Effects Permanent Results!

 5 Ways to Blacken Gray Hair Naturally Without Side Effects Permanent Results! - The technique of removing gray hair does not only appear to be painted, but you can also use natural ingredients. Gray hair does not only grow in people who have entered the elderly. However, a group of young people also sometimes have gray hair.


There are many factors that cause the development of gray hair at a relatively young age. Hair can undergo a natural dead transition, which can then be followed by the replacement or development of new hair. As they age, the hair follicles can produce less and less color. These hair follicles are aging and tend to produce white or gray hairs to take over the last of the dead hairs. In fact, the element that plays a major role in the development of gray hair is genetics.


The appearance of gray hair really interferes with performance for some people, because they want to look younger. Therefore, many who want to find a way to get rid of gray hair naturally do not have to go back and forth to dye hair.


Below, there are ways to get rid of gray hair naturally which have been concluded from several sources, Wednesday (29/6/2022).
Gray hair can come out at a young age. The most important carrier is the effect of genetic elements.


Fulfill the Consumption of Vitamins and Minerals
The first way to get rid of gray hair naturally is definitely by observing a healthy lifestyle such as confirming the importance of minerals and vitamins in the body is fulfilled. As for the important vitamins, the B vitamins (vitamin B12 and Biotin), vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. While the important minerals that are fulfilled are iron, magnesium, copper, selenium and zinc. Minerals and vitamins themselves can be received through natural sources such as the sun, fruits, vegetables and proteins such as eggs. You can also get iron minerals through foods such as red meat, liver but also vegetables such as spinach.


Use Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is explained to be able to keep the protein in the hair and prevent the appearance of gray hair. In addition to eliminating gray hair, coconut oil also has good nutrition for hair. If you want to prevent gray hair, please rub two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil on the scalp and massage it slowly for some time. Then leave it for about an hour before washing and washing with shampoo. To get rid of gray hair, please apply it to your hair and scalp before going to bed. Next, please wash in the morning. Do this treatment 3 times a week for optimal results.


Use Castor Oil
You can use castor oil as a way to get rid of premature gray hair. Here's the technique:


Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of castor oil, heat briefly.
Massage the warm oil mixture into your scalp and hair for 15 minutes.
Let stand for 30 minutes, then wash with shampoo and conditioner.
Do 2-3 times 1 week.


Use Curry Cloth
Curry leaves have been used as a natural remedy for many years. Apparently, by mixing hair oil and curry leaves, it can be used as a cure for gray hair at an early age. The following is a technique to get rid of gray hair with curry leaves, namely:


a. Boil a handful of curry leaves with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.
b. Allow the oil to cool.
c. Strain the leaves, then apply the oil on your hair and scalp while gently massaging for 15 minutes.
d. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing it with clean water.


Use Almond Oil
After that there is almond oil that you can use to get rid of the gray hair that is on the hair. The following is a technique for removing gray hair with almond oil, for example:


a. Mix almond oil, lemon juice, and malacca fruit juice in a 1:1:1 difference.
b. Apply the mixture to the hair and scalp until smooth while massaging.
c. Let some time before washed clean.
d. Can be run every day.


With Hibiscus Mask
If you have this beautiful plant in your yard, you can use it to get rid of gray hair. The following is a technique to get rid of gray hair with a hibiscus mask, namely:


a. Melt the flowers and leaves until crushed.
b. Mix 3 tablespoons of crushed flowers with 3 tablespoons of powdered malacca fruit, use juice if needed. Add additional water as needed to make a soft paste of the right consistency.
c. Apply the mixture all over the scalp while massaging and rub it all the way to the ends of the hair.
d. Leave the mask for 30-45 minutes, then wash with shampoo and conditioner.
e. Did the second time 1 week.


Use Coffee
Apart from being delicious to drink, coffee is also believed to be able to get rid of gray hair naturally. Here's a technique to get rid of gray hair with coffee, namely:


a. Prepare 5 tablespoons of henna powder, 1 tablespoon of coffee, and a glass of water.
b. Brew coffee with one cup of water, then add 5 tablespoons of henna, stir until well blended.
c. Rub the mixture all over the hair until smooth.
d. Leave for 3-4 hours, then wash with shampoo and conditioner.
e. Do it every three weeks.


Shampoo with Black Tea
Black tea is said to make hair appear darker, shinier and smoother. The following is a technique to get rid of gray hair by shampooing black tea, namely:


a. Boil 2 tsp black with one glass of water.
b. Let it cool, then strain.
c. Apply the liquid tea on all hair and scalp while massaging gently.
d. Leave it for an hour, then wash it


Stop smoking
According to a 2013 study reported in the Italian Dermatology Online Journal, it was found that 2.5 times more smokers are likely to have the effect of growing gray hair before the age of 30. Not good for health, apparently smoking can also cause hair follicles to become small and destroyed. So, if you smoke, it is recommended to stop that routine so that the gray hair can fall off naturally.


Finishing Your Hair Breaking Routine
In addition to treatments made from natural ingredients, another way to get rid of gray hair is to end the routine that likes to destroy hair. A number of actions that should be avoided, such as using bleach, using a hair comb with tight teeth, especially in wet hair situations, constantly using a hair dryer or curling iron, also constantly shampooing and using harsh shampoos or shampoos that are not suitable for coconut skin can also cause hair loss. ruined hair.

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